Advocating for a more prosperous, sustainable, livable, and walkable Portland.

Supporting the local economy and local quality of life.

YIMBY Portland “yes in my backyard” is a citywide movement to present ideas, encourage discussion, inform policy development, and explore complex issues related to our city’s neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life.

We believe our community can improve how we engage in reasonable debate and problem solve issues that impact our city. To this end, we seek to convene thoughtful, empathetic, and community-driven conversations to support informed, collaborative, and intentional decision-making.

We want to be a voice for those that say “yes in my backyard”, and work collaboratively and respectfully with all people in Portland to support neighborhoods, people, policies, and initiatives that promote economic and social prosperity for everyone. 

This work requires a collaborative effort involving a wide range of people and organizations representing different walks of life and viewpoints. It requires researching national best practices and following the example of many of the small to mid-size cities facing similar issues across the country. 


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